Welcome to the team: The newest furry faces of Context

Meet Mick (Mickey)

Adoption date: Jan 6, 2021

Catherine smiles and kneels next to Mickey (a beige and white medium-sized dog) in the snow
Catherine and Mickey

Meet Yuzu

Adoption date: Oct 30, 2020

Yuzu, an orange and white cat lays a top a bookshelf comfortably.
Yuzu sitting on a bookshelf

Meet Roux

Adoption date: Jan 27, 2021

A white kitten with blue eyes looks at the camera on its side
Roux cuddling on a lap

Meet Miso

Adoption date: Nov 9, 2020

Miso, a black and grey kitten has his eyes closed in a blanket
Miso wrapped in a blanket

We welcome Mickey, Yuzu, Roux, and Miso to our Context pet family:



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