A Crooked Line by Maham Momin
A Crooked Line by Maham Momin

After receiving over 850 entries from students across Canada, the RGD Award winners have been announced. The 2021 program accepted entries under 21 categories representing a range of disciplines and areas of specialty.

This year, Context Creative was pleased to sponsor a new award category: Storytelling Design. Lionel Gadoury, Principal and Director of Strategy and Creative Services, explains the significance:

“Storytelling Design reflects a significant shift in marketing and design trends, as clients large and small embrace this very human concept. To me, storytelling is about engaging hearts and minds. It’s about communicating in a manner that is memorable and…

Abstract visual of lines in different colours, representing notes taken. A ‘thumbs up’ icon is stamped on top.

Context Creative is fortunate to have one of the best account teams in the business. They’re organizational wizards, with enough optimism and patience to facilitate international peace talks. We asked Account Supervisor Mary Huang to share her trade secrets on managing complex projects and documenting each step.

As every creative person knows, ideas are easy. Having a clear sense of the path to execute is not, especially when there are so many stakeholders giving input!

I like to think of organizing my notes as telling a story — a story that helps us move along on a journey. I’m making…

As part of Canada Post’s Eid series, our second Eid stamp marks Islam’s most important holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. We asked the project team to explain what went into the design — and the challenges of effectively communicating a message on a 28-millimetre-by-38-millimetre surface.

2021 Eid stamp for Canada Post
Design: Lionel Gadoury, Brad Pyne, Andrew Conlon | Context Creative

“Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are significant events within the Islamic lunar calendar, so it was a daunting honour to be asked to develop a design for Canada Post’s stamp commemorating the celebrations,” says Creative Director Lionel Gadoury. “Stamp design is fascinating because it has to capture attention in a nano-second, but also hold…

Marketers are still scrambling to adjust in response to the pandemic. The good news is that, even with major shifts in audience interests and behaviour, trends and technologies continue to evolve in a way that creates exciting and promising digital opportunities.

Here are a few things we’ve noticed. Let them spark ideas for where to focus your attention next.

  1. Audio ads on the rise

Lots of people staying home is giving audio ads a big boost. Last year, 69 million new users and 30 million new subscribers joined Spotify. Podcasts are also gaining traction: most recently, Spotify announced an audio…

People don’t stay in jobs like they used to. In our industry, the average agency turnover rate is about 30 percent — second only to tourism. So it’s unique and meaningful that our team has as many engaged and committed members as we do.

Without relying on all-you-can-snack rooms and Friday bar carts, what keeps employees truly engaged? We turned to four team members on their anniversaries to find out what gives them purpose — and why they continue to thrive and grow in their roles.

Dave Hurds, Design Manager: 16 years at Context

How he got his start
I owe…

While Canada now has the lowest gender participation gap of all G-7 countries, men are still four times more likely than women to work in a tech role. This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating our small-but-mighty development team: four women who continue to flip the industry on its head—and aren’t stopping soon.

Context’s development team: Joanna Poon, Katrina Lovrick, Christine Hogenkamp, Kelly McNamara
Clockwise from top left: Joanna Poon, Katrina Lovrick, Kelly McNamara, Christine Hogenkamp

CH: Christine Hogenkamp, Developer
KL: Katrina Lovrick, UX/UI Lead
KM: Kelly McNamara, Senior Developer
JP: Joanna Poon, UX/UI Lead

How does your team compare to other UX/development teams in the industry? What’s it like?

KM: I’d say that being all women doesn’t define our team, but it’s a…

While the pandemic has strained life for us hoomans, it’s been a great year for pets enjoying all-day pats, lunch walks and Zoom cameos. As animal shelters across the country continue to experience spikes in new adoptions, we’re thrilled to welcome four cuddly new additions.

Meet Mick (Mickey)

Adoption date: Jan 6, 2021

From Fetch & Release Dog Rescue

Catherine smiles and kneels next to Mickey (a beige and white medium-sized dog) in the snow
Catherine and Mickey

Mickey is a super-smart, social, playful, and sweet 1.5 years old. He’s a 65lb affectionate cuddle bug always trying to squeeze in the best spot on the couch. He’s a great sous-chef while cooking in the kitchen as he is always by my side. …

Every year has its defining moments—this one was indescribable.

Even the most weathered historians will struggle to capture the magnitude of 2020: Australia’s devastating bushfires killed more than one billion animals; a contentious U.S. election saw record-breaking voter turnout; the brutal killing of George Floyd triggered a global movement for racial justice, and a deadly pandemic has killed over 1.6 million people worldwide and brought life as we know it to a grinding halt.

If anything, this year has taught us to take nothing for granted. With awareness, optimism and the help of a few meditation apps, we’ve each grown…

How we boost our studio’s spirit during a pandemic

It’s a fact. People like to be recognized and appreciated for their accomplishments. Whether in a large corporation or a small start-up, employees that are recognized for their work, accomplishments and hey, even just for being fun to have around feel engaged, valued, motivated and more confident. This is even more important in a creative workplace. At Context, we’ve been working from home since March — a nine-month séjour from breakout room brainstorms and after-work drinks. And yet, our creative juices (and Slack channels) keep flowing.

It’s a small gesture with big impact. We created a tool to show appreciation…

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